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"The Perfume Isles"

Knowing how to define yourself is the first step to becoming who you want to be.

We are delighted to welcome African beauty change makers.

Some call Comoros the "Perfumes Isles" because the country is the world's top producer of the essential oil extracted from the Ylang-ylang flower, a key ingredient of many perfumes.  

Christophe Sheldrake, Chanel's director for perfume research and development, said: "If I had to describe the smell, it's jasmine, but more heightened, and stronger. It's almost fruity. You get a whiff of pear and coconut to start with, accompanied all the while by a floral scent. As the fragrance settles, there's a hint of carnation, a hint of clove."
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April 28, 2028.
Medef, Paris.
Vanilla is incredibly rich in flavor and smell. Its fragrance is composed of several hundred odorant molecules. As a result, we can simultaneously find very varied facets: soft, sweet, cocoa, creamy, animal, smoky, fruity, dry, powdery, warm, suave, woody, leathery, spicy, tobacco...

The Comoros Islands are building a strategy of Excellence of their natural ingredients to support sustainable development. Local multicultural brands with solid narratives and authenticity are emerging. Join us in person or online to meet the change-makers of the natural perfume and cosmetic value chain of the Indian Ocean.

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