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The Colors community events are dedicated to sustainable beauty innovation.

Join us to discover the latest trends, innovations, products and services in the multicultural Beauty community.
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Don't miss the opportunity to join a thriving community and be identified in the value chain.

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Because being misunderstood only leads to being underserved, we design online sessions dedicated to helping you unleash the value of Diversity and Inclusion. This is where you personally engage with a multicultural community and share with your peers that are improving Diversity and Inclusion in the Fashion and Beauty Industries.
Our networking sessions are a valuable way to expand your knowledge, learn from the success of others, and tell about your business. You will connect with people who share a similar passion and determination. With them, you are more likely to move forward and achieve results.
Whether it is within the 85% of the planet living in emerging markets or amongst minorities in Western markets, people of color are a market that you should look closely at. Our sessions will help you to identify the best investment opportunities in the value chain.

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